On the Furls fantrain (in the UK)

I’m a Furls girl now!

Let me rewind a little bit first. When I started to crochet, like everyone else I bought a perfectly serviceable set of rubber-handled ergonomic crochet hooks from Amazon (I had Covid at the time and couldn’t get to my local craft store). It makes sense not to invest huge amounts in hobbies you might not stick to long term – particularly given my numerous false starts with knitting.

I described in my Buxton Wool Gathering post how I treated myself to some wooden ergonomic hooks from VeganYarn.co.uk which was a much more affordable way of testing out how I felt about the shape of the tapered hooks. I liked it! And so recently, after almost a year of watching some of my favourite crochet YouTubers across the pond (see links to the right) use Furls hooks, I knew I had to try one.

So I found what seems to be the one and only UK importer: The Tight Stitch Co. The company is owned by Victoria, a first generation Mexican-American from South Carolina who moved to the UK in 2018. I absolutely love supporting an indie business so I was really happy to be able to buy them from Victoria rather than navigating importing them from the US. My first delivery of a beautiful 5mm Jupiter hook was, very tragically, beheaded in the post system. I felt terrible emailing Victoria to tell her, but she so kindly and so promptly sent a replacement hook that arrived in one glorious piece.

After a good few days of crocheting with the new hook, I treated myself to a further 4mm Andromeda and 7mm Cream. They are so beautiful! I am also guessing they are a bit more delicate than my metal/rubber hooks so I’m being super careful with them while my toothbrush holder/hook stand is in the post…

I’m certainly a convert and devotee. The hooks are not budget-friendly, but they are very beautiful and a dream to use. I’m planning to treat myself to a new hook once per month until I have a bit more of a comprehensive collection.

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