Vintage crochet goodies & fear of granny squares

I suspect that most crafters (whether crochet, knit, or sewing) have a moment in their early years of crafting when they inherit a whoooole bunch of yarn, or fabric, or whatever it might be. I was really happy recently when I inherited a huge bag of vintage yarn, patterns, and winder. It’s all acrylic yarn and it all belonged to a friend’s mum (and gran). Look see!

This is the enormous pile o’ yarn! Aside from one skein of lace-weight cotton, it’s all acrylic, and most of it is a few decades old. It isn’t the highest/non-bobble quality but as I’ve only been crocheting for just over a year, I am incredibly grateful for the practice-yarn! I already started a new project, deciding to finally face my fear of granny square-based patterns…

Pink isn’t really my colour, but when it comes to my practice pieces, or pieces made with yarn that I might not necessarily want to keep for myself, I gift them to others. I’m also thinking of enquiring with any local charities working with homeless people who may appreciate scarves, blankets, hats, etc.

Let me show you the amazing yarn winder I was also given!

It works perfectly! And check out these patterns/magazines…

The older crochet and knit patterns are, the more they terrify me. I’m therefore unlikely to make any of these but they are lovely to have!

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