Buxton Wool Gathering 2023

Knowing that VeganYarn.co.uk planned to be in attendance, I mosied along to the Buxton Wool Gathering back in May 2023 (it having been earlier postponed due to snow). Flora Fibres had originally been due to attend but sadly couldn’t make the rearranged date.

I’m in Manchester and I love a day in Buxton, so even though I knew I’d only be likely to find plant-based yarn at one stand, I merrily went along anyway.

As expected, the Buxton Wool Gathering was very wool-tastic and very knit-centric. But I also had some budget for a yarn bowl, and potentially for some ergonomic crochet hooks.

From Vegan Yarn I bought some beautiful hand-dyed hanks of tencel yarn…

I also bought some very fun and chunky seaweed yarn…

This was almost immediately transformed into a small basket for some of my cotton yarns!

As well as these yarns, I bought a beautiful handmade ceramic yarn bowl from Em Cross ceramics. It’s decorated with knitted fabric! Can you see?

The tencel yarn was later transformed into this beautiful scarf using a pattern from Fiber Flux

Although there weren’t any crochet hooks for sale at Vegan Yarn’s stand at Buxton, later on Instagram they confirmed they do sell them and I bought these beautiful hooks.

A happy yarn and bowl haul!

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