Some favourite crochet YouTubers

Dog bless YouTube, the one-stop-shop that enabled me to learn bike maintenance, sewing, crochet, and even some DIY. My late mother was a formidable woman, but wasn’t the best at teaching unfortunately. She did TRY to teach me both to sew and crochet, but sadly came from the ‘Oh Give It Here You’re Doing It Wrong‘ school of pedagogy. But thanks primarily to all the wonderful creators on YouTube and beyond I finally learned how to crochet, and I continue to be inspired. In no particular order I thought I’d list a few of my favourite creators (as well as some recent yarn glamour shots because why not).


Ikoxun’s creative output is frankly terrifying in its speed at times, and I sure hope she is taking good care of her hands. I particularly love the colour/theme series that she produced in 2023, as well the knit/crochet in film and TV series. Some channels go totally over the top with the 50 crochet ideas for ‘X’ type content but Ikoxun only produces these occasionally (and carefully), and she consistently shares her creative/making process and output. It’s wonderful to see and she is truly amazing.


AltKnots was one of the first YouTube channels I connected with early in my crochet journey. The perennial teenage goth in me was really attracted to Kayla’s style and their energy, enthusiasm, and kind, inclusive nature really shine through. Kayla showcases beautiful yarns and produces fantastic and easy to follow patterns via their YouTube channel and website.


HBC is a fantastic resource (both on YouTube and on their website) for new crocheters. I learned a lot of basic techniques and tackled my first successful granny square via the HPC YouTube channel. The seasonal patterns are adorable and easy to follow.

Michelle Jasek

I’ve been following Michelle’s channel since the mostly-thrifting Fancy Dinosaur Tea Party days and have seen her ease into the regular crochet content, which has been a huge joy. Michelle makes wonderfully fun projects and shares the journey on YouTube. She specialises in a lot of tapestry crochet these days, and the video style is less tutorial and more vlog, but they’re always a happy moment in my weekly YouTube feed.

Emma/Made in the Moment

Emma’s part of an almost entirely NY-based power trio of bright young fibre artists (see Grace and Jaida below) who produces fun content on their main channel relating primarily to knit and crochet, and irreverent but well-considered craft drama content on their second channel, Emma in the Moment. Emma has some really excellent tutorial content but I just LOVE their tapestry knit/crochet projects. The pigeon vest!!!

Amazingish Grace

Grace is an exceptionally skilled fibre artist producing beautiful and innovative clothing pieces that she models equally beautifully. Grace recently lost her day job and whilst this is VERY SAD NEWS I am excited to see future full-time YouTube content creation and hope it leads to bigger and better things for Grace.

Mrs Moon & Heaven (Jaida)

Jaida has a wonderfully whimsical style and produces fun vlog/tutorial content, as well as crochet and knit designs which can be found on her website (check out the pumpkin coaster I made using Jaida’s pattern in this post). I love that Jaida includes plus-size folks in pattern testing. (The ‘Don’t Bother Mommy‘ design is an eternal favourite of mine.)

Littlejohn’s Yarn

I love Alysha’s channel mostly for the fascinating history-of-crochet content but she also has great yarn reviews (not snobby, which I appreciate!) and tutorial videos too.

Just Vintage Crochet

On the topic of the history of crochet, I find JVC’s ‘mystery pattern’ series really great fun, and particularly good for background watching while I’m working on a project. Corinna takes vintage and historical patterns (from the 1800s through to the 1970s/1980s) and has her son block out anything that identifies what the pattern is. She then tries to work up the project on camera (with varying degrees of success depending on how opaque the pattern is). I love the concept and it’s so interesting to see how older crochet patterns were written.

Mahum / Vivi Crochet

If you’re looking for aggressively adorable crochet tutorials then look no further than these two channels. Mahum’s tutorial videos are so easy to follow and are mostly focused on accessories and decor items. Vivi similarly focuses on super cute accessories and decor.

Your turn!

Who are your favourite crochet YouTubers/creators?

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