How it all started (my crochet journey)

Perhaps cheekily I am dating this post from 9 August 2022, which is the date of the photo I have of my first ever start-to-finish crochet project (and almost a year to the day!). It all started a little like this…

Yep, I avoided the ‘rona right up to 2 August 2022, which wasn’t so much about luck as good planning. I’m clinically extremely vulnerable so there was a LOT of mask-wearing going on, as well as avoiding crowds, and I was good and triple vaxxed by the time she got me.

Whether by luck or design, although I felt quite poorly, it wasn’t actually as bad as all that. I was off work for two weeks and actually the enforced downtime was appreciated, as work can be quite intense. For one reason or another, I decided to order a crochet hook and dig out some long-abandoned yarn and give crochet another go. My first start-to-finish project was a scarf made using Poundland acrylic yarn.

The scarf definitely wasn’t my colour(s), so it was quickly left in my apartment complex’s “free to good home” area and I hope it was cosy for someone during winter 2022.

Part of this blog is about making a note of all my finished projects as I can feel discouraged sometimes, feeling like everything is a work in progress and nothing gets finished. Having looked through my photos now I can see lots of finished projects given away or donated. It’s nice to take stock of the achievements!

After I made this scarf I invested in my first proper set of hooks and some more yarn to play with (all by post of course).

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