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Vegan Weekly Meal Plan | easy, tasty, no fuss (+ free printable!)

Vegan Weekly Meal Plan | easy, tasty, no fuss (+ free printable!) Posted on 15/01/20196 Comments
Ahoy, hello! My name is Jenny. I am a thirty-something human female from Manchester in the north of England. I enjoy rainy days and sad songs, custard donuts and salt & pepper chips and beer, lentil dhal and fried okra, X-Files and Twin Peaks, fierce fat heroines and mental health advocates, dogs and cats and otters and a very special beirdo. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: "I blog because there is a voice within me that insists on writing lots of ridiculous chuff".

In honour of Veganuary, I decided to create an easy and no fuss weekly meal plan for anyone new to veganism, or curious about how a week of vegan eating might look.

This menu is fairly typical of a week of eating in my house. We’ll very commonly have curry, spaghetti, chilli, sausage casserole, baked potato, burger and wedges, etc, etc. I tried to put together a menu with easy-to-find ingredients, and suitable for those without endless jars of herbs/spices already in the kitchen. It includes lots of protein and fresh fruit and veg, as well as funner and yummier dishes.

The shopping list features three sections:

  1. Main items (you’ll need all of these and are likely to use them up during the week).
  2. Longer lasting items (you’ll also need these, but might have them in already, and if you do buy them they will last longer than a week).
  3. Optional extras (you don’t need these, but if you have the cash to splash, they are nice to add).

A note on prices

I filled up my Asda shopping cart with the vitals and the total was £52.10. The fancier menu items brought the total to £70.58. Bear in mind that the menu will feed two people (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and that some of the ingredients will last longer than a week. I didn’t really have any interest in creating one of those “feed yourself for £10 a week” posts both because I’m not entirely behind the ‘live below the line’ challenges, and there are already loads of budget meal plans and recipes out there. For an excellent selection of budget and easy vegan recipes cooked up by someone who has experienced poverty, check out Jack Monroe’s vegan archives. Whilst I’ve experienced extremely low income living, I have been privileged to have had both a safety net (my family) and basic cooking knowledge and skills.

A big colourful bowl of salad.
Salads are lovely, but there is more to vegan life! (credit

Some further notes

  • The dishes are ordered Monday – Friday in the printable, but feel free to switch them up bearing in mind that some dishes use up leftovers, and some require more prep (e.g. pancakes or soup).
  • The pancakes use the recipe by The Buddhist Chef (Mr J-M, who makes tremendous Sunday morning pancakes in bed, recommends having two frying pans on the go if you’re makin’ a stack).
  • I try to eat wholewheat bread and pasta but you buy whatever you prefer.
  • I also prefer whole-nut peanut butter, but again, buy whatever you prefer.
  • I include packet-mixes in this menu, many of which are vegan-friendly (e.g. Colmans or Schwartz). If you’re a confident cook, feel free to use your own spice blends.
  • You can buy your ingredients from any supermarket you choose – whatever works within your means. Whether that’s Asda or Waitrose, you know what works best for you!

You can download the menu, shopping list, and recipes here.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments. If you find this useful, please feel free to share. And if you’d be interested in further content like this, just let me know!

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An easy, tasty, and no-fuss weekly vegan meal plan from Jenny Marie vegan lifestyle blog. Free printable with shopping list and recipes. No fancy ingredients! Just regular pantry staples. Ideal for #Veganuary subscribers, or anyone vegan-curious!

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  1. You had me at free printable! When I first went vegan a good few years ago, my first couple of weeks were based off a vegan meal planner I had found and had taken to the supermarket with me. Thanks for making this – I reckon the next vegan converts will find it very useful!

  2. I am sure there are some long time vegans who would be interested in this meal plan. I don’t know how people just go to a store and just buy stuff, and figure out what to make later. I always grew up with meal plans so it’s the only way I know how to do it lol.

    Glad you didn’t do a whole “Weekly groceries under $$” because it is deceiving. It never is the actually price because you they usually calculate the price per meal, so people will only price out the cup of flour they used for the recipe rather than the whole 5lb package. It is a real concern, and I remember an ex complaining how expensive it was to cook because he had to buy all the spices and stuff. It is expensive at first, but you save long term, if you have the money up front that is.

    1. Yes! That’s also why I split the shopping list into stuff that will be all used up + stuff that will last for longer (or might already be in someone’s pantry). Also I included recipe/spice mixes rather than recommending people use home-made spice mixes (in case anyone doesn’t have a huge spice rack like me!)

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