WIPs and finished items (Oct 2023)

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy making TikToks, working, and taking a break from work on a super Forest Holiday. Here’s a visual update on projects since I last posted here.

First up: my first finished wearable!! Crocheted in simple HDCs and ribbing, and made up of five simple rectangular panels, I finally finished my cardigan. I used about 7.5 skeins of the Hobbii Fluffy Day XL yarn in rust. The first two photos show the initial method I used for the cuffs, which I wasn’t happy with (I crocheted the ribbing then sewed it on). I frogged those and added the ribbing directly onto the sleeve ends which I was much happier with (final picture).

The yarn is a beautiful colour and SO fluffy – but this means it’s very difficult to undo your work if you need to, and though it’s labelled a premium acrylic it’s already bobbling slightly on one sleeve without having even washed it yet. We’ll see how it wears!

Next up, my next wearable will be a granny square cardigan constructed in the same simple boxy style. I’ve planned out how many squares I’ll need and am using the beautiful recycled bottle yarn from Hobbycraft (Knitcraft change it up). I’m making ordinary granny squares and am about half way there now, but made a couple of oak leaf squares as a souvenir when we were in the forest.

I used the tiny bit of leftover yarn from my fluffy day cardigan to make an ear warmer, but ran out and finished with this random fluffy mustard yellow from my stash…

I’ve been making many cup cosies and enjoying this pattern from One Stop Wonders. I also bought a beautiful orange/black chunky cotton from Vegan Yarn and made a chunkier cosy.

Other random projects are a simple ribbed beanie for a friend, and crochet pumpkins and mushrooms.

I have officially started the Knitcraft autumn crochetalong though it’s been a rocky road so far (see my TikTok for more updates as they happen). I’m behind and I’m making errors, but this is about taking it at an enjoyable pace and embracing ‘done is better than perfect’!

I’ve been mad about making granny square mitts lately, and I decided to finally bust out my Vegan Yarn 2022 advent mini-skeins and knocked these out fairly quickly. The yarn is tencel, organic cotton, and elastic. I suspect it’s intended for socks but I’m feeling a little intimidated by the idea of socks so I just dove in to a different project that would still benefit from some elastic.

The colourways were all inspired by the James Webb telescope images which was SO COOL.

I think that about catches me up. As ever my socials are updated more regularly with projects, updates, and other silliness: https://linktr.ee/vegancrocheter

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