Little projects lately

Since the success of my mini-granny-blanket in pink (which I might yet extend if I decide it’d be a better gift/donation if it’s bigger) I started a new one in autumn colours.

I also decided to make use of my new Furls 7.0mm and crochet up a beanie using oatmealy flecked chunky yarn I got from Poundland around a YEAR ago…

I’ve also been experimenting with the tulip (effect) stitch lately, particularly having seen it all over crochet TikTok and YouTube. I found this pattern on the Hobbii website and took inspiration from it to make this little bag, which I’ll probably just use as a project bag as it’s a funny size and was mostly for practice…

I’ve also made some really significant progress on my first/only wearable (outside of scarves and hats/gloves) which I started over a year ago. This project was a mental white whale for me. I convinced myself I could never crochet a full wearable piece, and then eventually realised that I’d crocheted the equivalent of quite a few jumpers/cardigans in the forms of other projects, so I pushed myself to get the panels all finished.

I’ve now seamed everything together and just need to add ribbing on the collar/front, and on the cuffs. It’s made with the Hobbii Fluffy Day premium acrylic in rust and is so very soft!

And finally, I recently tested out some bargain cotton yarn and made this mini hook holder for my Furls hooks. I’ve booked a short forest log cabin break in October and wanted a way to transport my hooks safely. (By the way, the hooks do fit fully inside the holder, they’re just pulled out for the sake of the photos.) I just need to add a fastening now.

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