The Most Wonderful of Tarts

After the weekend’s pizza-excesses, I had a big ol’ block of puff pastry just waiting to be used. I decided to try and be just a little bit classy and knock up a tart or two (arf).

Normally I wouldn’t share something so completely made up, but this was SO tasty. If you’re a fan of garlic then by god, this is the dinner for YOU. In an impressive feat of using-uppery, I reached into the dark corners of my fridge and grabbed what needed eating ASAP. I appropriated some romana pizza sauce, and also blended A LOT of garlic with a little oil and some herbs.

While my tart was cookin’, I headed into the garden to admire my teenage tomato plant.

I was also admiring my plant-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of which I nursed all through winter.

The garden’s a field of dandelions at the moment, but it’s good for the bees, so that’s ok.

Vulpe’s pretty super pleased about this sunshine too.

I’m all excited for future tarting it up with intended ingredients, and not just what was lurking in the back of my fridge!

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Woodcut of leaping deer.


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