Another Vegan Christmas 2015, and The Best Kind Of Resolution (AKA Riots Not Diets)

A Happy New Year to you, dearest readers, and I sincerely hope you had a wonderful festive season and a super duper NYE. I spent the evening missing my #1 guy and also spooning a swaddled and terrified pooch as all those fireworks went off at midnight. I’m not NYE’s biggest fan, and I do wonder if that’s a result of all those parties my Mum took me to when I was small, tired and a bit bored and surrounded by drunken middle-aged people who forced me to sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight. WOT. I much prefer sitting on the couch with a biscuit and a cup of tea these days.

I am a super huge fan of Christmas, though. MAYBE YOU GUESSED I DUNNO. This year I was joined by my lovely man and by friends Emil and Jake. I was feeling uber doubtful about whether a lot of this delicious food would happen when I woke up on the morning of 23rd December with an intensely, agonisingly awful pain in my neck (lolz yes actually it was a pain in the neck). Luckily I was due in my GP surgery that morning for my pre-festivus B12 injection with the nurse, and the doctor kindly saw me. I had an acute muscle spasm in my neck and that wasn’t fun at all. But with much assistance from my friends and loved ones, ALL WAS WELL. I won’t tell, I’ll just show…….

You GUYS! Add marzipan to your mince pies!

Our starters: Cranberry & avocado sushi, Fry’s ‘prawns’ and creamy leek/mushroom filo parcels with sweet chilli dip.

The feast!

Pumpkin pie – credit is due entirely to Emil!


The Christmas cake turned out amazingly well. I’m definitely sticking with this recipe from now on; it was moist and tasty and not too hoochy (I nearly poisoned my family a couple of years ago, oops).


Twin Peaks joy from my bestest guy <3

Bestest stocking filler.

I bought this print for my man, which is a bit cheeky since it’s up in my kitchen now.

Ahhhh BEHOLD! I started stitching this gift in May 2015 you guyz. She’s beautiful!

But what of resolutions, my friends? What indeed! Well, I am super thankful that in 2015 I met the best man in the whole world. Sure my life ended up getting pretty darn de-railed thanks to a honker of a B12 deficiency and an inhuman number of naps, but I’m feeling positive for 2016 ESPECIALLY because p soon my bestest guy will be coming to live with the pooch, Miaowski and me <3

So WHAT OF RESOLUTIONS? Well, I just wanted to share this little snippet with you. I think I will be buying the Taco Cleanse book for sure if this is what I can expect….

Happy New Year! #tacocleanse #newyearnewyou #riotsnotdiets

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And as I posted on Facebook on New Year’s Eve, to any of you lovely folk that are making weight loss resolutions for 2016, please give this a little read and remember that you are wonderful and perfect as you are! What 8 Body Positive Activists Want You To Know About Losing Weight in the New Year.

And finally you guyz, if you are thinking of giving Veganuary a go, head on over to Emil’s blog where he has listed some super handy tips on getting started with veganism 🙂

For veganism, dog pictures and life ramblings, giz a follow…

Woodcut of leaping deer.


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    That dinosaur print is the best! Happy New Year.

    January 3, 2016 at 14:43
    • Reply Jenny

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! The vegan dinosaur is now proudly displayed on the kitchen wall 🙂

      January 4, 2016 at 13:21

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