Hello! My name’s Jenny and I live in the north of Manchester with my wonderful partner and our animal friends.

I like British horror films from the 1950s/60s, trashy crime documentaries and podcasts, the history of polar exploration, forks with LONG prongs, black coffee, red wine, green olives, and line drying my washing.

I am also very keen on cross stitch and embroidery and I’m learning to use a sewing machine. It’s hard.

I blog about all sorts…

Vegan food and cooking, vegan products and lifestyle in the UK, my life, mental health issues, chronic and invisible illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in my case), crafting, or whatever takes my fancy.

I am passionate about body positivity and fat positivity, and pro-intersectional, diverse and inclusive veganism. Check out my Big Fat Vegan Zine project.

You might see my pooch, Vulpe, make an appearance every now and then. She is a Romanian rescue with quite a lot of emotional problems; she is absolutely bonkers, but I love her like crazy <3

What I’m doing lately…

In September 2017 I began the second year of a part time Master’s degree in Anthrozoology, the interdisciplinary study of humans and animals. I’m currently working on a research project that explores the supposed benefits of animal-assisted interventions for students in higher education.

I have a day job too! I work for a higher education institution as a senior projects administrator in a research institute that focuses on humanitarianism and conflict response.