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Vegan Leeds, Folk Frolics, B12 Woes

Vegan Leeds, Folk Frolics, B12 Woes Posted on 16/11/2015Leave a comment
Ahoy, hello! My name is Jenny. I am a thirty-something human female from Manchester in the north of England. I enjoy rainy days and sad songs, custard donuts and salt & pepper chips and beer, lentil dhal and fried okra, X-Files and Twin Peaks, fierce fat heroines and mental health advocates, dogs and cats and otters and a very special beirdo. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: "I blog because there is a voice within me that insists on writing lots of ridiculous chuff".

So, it’s been a bit grim up North lately. Just the weather for a nice weekend in Leeds. If you DIDN’T go to Leeds this weekend then here’s what you missed:

A glorious vista, yes? This was the view from our 5th floor aparthotel room (cos we’re fancy) as we frolicked off to sunny Leeds this past weekend for the High & Lonesome festival.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, a bit blimming cold and wet, so we headed out in the evening and treated ourselves to ~every vegan option on the menu~ at the super duper Bundobust.

Bundobust is AMAZING. Craft ales and Indian street food WOT? This is the brainchild of the Prashad folks (their cookbook is super, by the way) and The Sparrow Bier cafe. Let me tell you, craft ale and such wonderful, lovely grub is a beautiful thing. Bundobust are due to open a Manchester branch soon and I can’t flipping wait. In the meantime, if you can get a cheap return to Leeds then they are definitely worth a visit.

On the day of the festivus, we were a little bit concerned that the Brudenell wouldn’t offer much in the way of vegan food, so we wandered over to Oranaise Cafe, a Moroccan and Mediterranean eaterie only about 10 mins from the venue. These guys have a separate vegan section on the menu, and obvs in the sumptuous Maroc surroundings, amongst shades of red and terracotta, bright blue tiles of intricate design, each shelf laden with ornate silver teapots and tagines, the smell of rose petals and spices heavy in the air, we both went for a ruddy big burger and chips.

VERY TASTY! I do regret not choosing the mezze just a little bit. But those sorts of platters are often available as a vegan option and everyone loves chips. Besides, we were about to subject ourselves to around 8-9 hours of Americana so we felt like we needed the carbs.

Some highlights for me were The Mae Trio (lovely twangy Australian folk music that allowed us to put both a violin and banjo stamp on our Folk Festival Bingo sheet), Holly MacVe (wonderfully melancholy proper dead sad country sounds, like a sorrowful young Dolly) and OF COURSE the completely bonkers Josh T. Pearson.

Over at the second venue there was a Pad Thai truck with a vegan option, which was totally super. I say this on the basis of no peer-reviewed scientific research whatsoever, but I suspect those noodles were responsible for the ~intestinal distress~ that later came on very suddenly during Josh T. Pearson’s last song (one of my favourites) sending me running for the bathroom, trying not to hurl on any gentle bearded rockers along the way.

I survived though. Poor C had to put up with me groaning and moaning in bed that night, but I felt a-ok again in the morning.

By the time we got back to Manchester on Sunday afternoon the folk fatigue had me well and truly in its grippe. I clambered up to bed and pretty much stayed there until this morning. I suspect this may relate to my B12 deficiency (#BadVegan), for which I’ve just had the one injection so far. I have more scheduled though and I HOPE this makes a big difference to my energy levels soon. If not, I may have to face up to the awful possibility that I’m just a big lazy arse. We shall see!

I hope y’all are well and the world isn’t making you feel too sad at the moment (it sure is me) <3

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