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Vegan Chocolate Shop UK (squee!)

Vegan Chocolate Shop UK (squee!) Posted on 08/05/20182 Comments
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Hello pals,

As many of you know, life has been challenging lately. It is for this reason that this post will be somewhat brief, but nevertheless on a tremendously important topic: CHOCOLATE. Delicious, vegan, ethically sourced, important chocolate. See, when the lovely folks over at the Vegan Chocolate Shop contacted me to ask if I’d like to sample a letterbox-sized selection of chocolate of course I valiantly agreed in order to report accurately on its yumminess. You’re welcome.

Actually, what’s possibly the really yummiest about the Vegan Chocolate Shop is its ethics. Each chocolate-maker featured in the shop is featured on the Food Empowerment Project‘s approved list, and this means they are upfront about their sources of cocoa, and confirm that their supply chain is free of child labour and/or slavery. These days it’s horrifying to think that any cocoa is produced this way, but sadly much of it is.

N and I conducted this taste test together. I’ve been vegan for ten years and so my memories of Dairy Milks and Caramacs are pretty well forgotten now, even by my taste buds. N hovers on pescatarianism these days so has a better sense of how these compare to the standard dairy alternatives.

First: the darks. I had asked for a selection of predominantly white and ‘milk’ chocolates to be sent over to me as I prefer the cloying, sweetly rich specimens rather than the more bitter, darkly rich ones.

Both of these bars were raw, and both the bitterly rich extravagance of a quality dark chocolate. I don’t dislike dark chocolate (when I was a ween, Bournville was my favourite) but I tend to avoid it for the most part because I can manage it only in small amounts. But that’s why chocolate is squared right? The Raw Halo dark was delicious, but I must confess that the iQ superfood lime-infused dark chocolate was not for me. I compared my thoughts on this bar with some pals who insisted they would verily devour a bitter-lime-infused raw dark chocolate bar with zeal and so I think my sweet tooth is primarily to blame.

Speaking of which, two bars I have previously sampled and enjoyed very much were also included in the box, that is the iChoc white vanilla (not pictured) and the Vivani strawberry wafer crunch.

Both brands come to us from Germany, and as is true of so many (vegan) things, the Europeans are doing it very well indeed. These brands are widely available in the UK now and both make excellent chocolate that is Quite Tasty. The vanilla bar in particular is a great white chocolate alternative, and until now was (in my humble opinion) more or less the best white chocolate facsimile out there. But then, friends, I met the Solkiki Bali white…

N felt this bar was as creamy and dreamy and Caramac-like as I did, and I am thrilled beyond measure to see that the VCS stocks a variety of Solkiki flavours. Hazelnut cream, come to me. Marañón Salted Caramel Dark Mylk COME TO ME. Orders will be placed, there is no doubt.

One of the very best features of the parcels despatched by the olde Vegan Chocolate Shoppe must be the letter-box sized packaging, which fits perfectly through your front door hole and does not necessitate a walk to the local sorting office. This is my favourite kind of chocolate delivery.

Friends, I recommend this super lovely company because of packaging, ethics, and lovely creamy chocolatey goodness. I am looking forward to figuring out how I can use the best vegan white chocolate I ever did try in some baking and I’m thinking white chocolate pb brownies who’s coming over for brownies?

This parcel of chocolatey delight was kindly sent to me for nuthin’ but scout’s honour this is all my honest opinion.

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  1. I live in Germany, so I’ve tried all the vegan Vivani bars. All delicious, and all different.

  2. I’m coming over for brownies! I’m also a devotee of Vivani – I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, but their stuff is the tops. I’ve heard other vegan chocolate fiends praising Soliki, so you’ve convinced me I need to seek them out. Full marks to Vegan Chocolate Shop for their ethical chocolate policy too. As you say, it’s weird and troubling to think that there’s any other kind about there…

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