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Manchester Vegan Beer Fest 2017

Manchester Vegan Beer Fest 2017 Posted on 17/09/20172 Comments
Ahoy, hello! My name is Jenny. I am a thirty-something human female from Manchester in the north of England. I enjoy rainy days and sad songs, custard donuts and salt & pepper chips and beer, lentil dhal and fried okra, X-Files and Twin Peaks, fierce fat heroines and mental health advocates, dogs and cats and otters and a very special beirdo. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: "I blog because there is a voice within me that insists on writing lots of ridiculous chuff".

Escapism is a much appreciated pastime for me at the moment; nonsense books, nonsense films, nonsense telly. As Stephen King once said, “you should never lose your taste for good baloney“, and good baloney can be very sustaining when life becomes more difficult to handle. The ability of our hearts and minds to cushion and protect us seems a kind of magic to me.

In the spirit of this, my wonderful beirdo and I toddled along to Manchester’s second annual vegan beer fest yesterday for much food and foamy fulfilment.

I was excited about the range of food vendors at this year’s festival; Sgaia vegan meats and Moodley Manor in particular. Sgaia rashers are still the best vegan rashers I’ve ever tasted, so I was very keen to sample their rosemary vegetable skewers, which didn’t disappoint.

Being the beer philistine I am, I enjoyed the few lagers on the menu. N made much more of an effort with the ales while I concentrated a little more on the food available.

Moodley Manor’s seitan VFC (vegan fried chick’n) was absolutely the highlight for me. I haven’t visited Temple of Seitan yet, so can’t compare, but I think this would be very hard to beat.

Desserts were supplied by The Vegan Food Pod whose donuts take me right back to the freshly fried and sugared seaside treats of my youth. Their cinnamon rolls were generously doughy and quite perfect.

If food is comfort, as it very much is to me (too much so lately, I fear) then much comfort was gained. The UK vegan beer fest now hits four cities annually: London, Glasgow, Sheffield, and Manchester. Even if you’re teetotal, it’s still very much worth your time; the food is reliably innovative and top notch. Definitely even better than good baloney. Great vegan baloney.

Read about the 2016 vegan beer fest here.

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    1. It sure was! I’ve been dreaming about the fried chik’n since and might try to recreate it at home if I can. If it’s half as good I’ll be happy!

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