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A Vegan Festival and a Walk In The Park

A Vegan Festival and a Walk In The Park Posted on 02/10/20165 Comments
Ahoy, hello! My name is Jenny. I am a thirty-something human female from Manchester in the north of England. I enjoy rainy days and sad songs, custard donuts and salt & pepper chips and beer, lentil dhal and fried okra, X-Files and Twin Peaks, fierce fat heroines and mental health advocates, dogs and cats and otters and a very special beirdo. To paraphrase Sylvia Plath: "I blog because there is a voice within me that insists on writing lots of ridiculous chuff".

Hello friends, hello. How does your weekend proceed? I confess I have spent a lot of the time fast asleep in bed after another working week of….well, just being a grown up really. But I’m not too good at that these days. C has been thrust into the world of full time postgraduate study (With Science) in a most unforgiving manner. Still, we had bravely committed to attend the Vegan Organic Network‘s ‘abundance’ festival at Hulme Community Garden Centre yesterday, and so off we went.



I admit to rolling my eyes at the strong hippy element of the Vegan Organic Network’s events. I certainly could do without the stall selling the ‘Autism: Made in America’ and ‘Vaccinations: The Truth’ DVDs…. I could also do without spoken word events and TEN MILLION CHILDREN EVERYWHERE but that’s because I have a withered, black heart. A vegan withered black heart, y’know? Yay for the doggos and plants.





The garden centre itself is a wonderful little local delight, full of winding paths into hidden mini wildlife grottos and general botanical loveliness, and I would encourage everyone in Manchester (or even further afield) to check it out, whether you need garden accoutrements or just fancy a nice day out. It is super kid-friendly (for those of you without withered black hearts) and uses no animal products in its fertilisers, etc. There is a wee veggie cafe with vegan options, and the shop sells vegan cosmetics, household products, etc. The garden centre is currently trying to raise funds simply to stay afloat and I would recommend checking out their appeal here. It seems a really super community resource.

Of course, as well as the henna tattoos, Indian head massage and crystal healing folks (rolling my eyes so hard rn) there was a lot of flipping tasty food, and C and I (mostly me) took full advantage….







C may well have wanted to hang around enjoying the atmosphere of peace and sharing and acoustic advocating but I wanted to take my black heart home and so we headed on back to the homestead, all laden with cake.

Earlier that day we’d treated Vulpe to a nice l’il wander around our local, Alexandra Park. It was a fine, gloomy Autumn morn and I took these snaps which I invite you to enjoy, perhaps with a cup of tea and a large slab of iced lemon cake? (Oh sozzle if you don’t have a large slab of iced lemon cake, I DO.)









In S-B Towers we recently assigned Saturday night as CRAFT NIGHT, in order to schedule some non-study time together at least once per week. I was all set to get to work on a pink dinosaur embroidery for a friend of mine, and I ruined it all by sleeping from ~3pm-7.30pm. Whoopsie. I’ve done some work on the second topic of this term’s Anthrozoology module today, and so I think shortly I’ll go and start on some stitching.

I hope you all had a super weekend, bloggums folk. Did you do anything exciting or, not at all exciting? Tell me about it either way!

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  1. I worked on Saturday. Boo.
    But then on Sunday I went to a vegan high tea and got to pat a pony. Yay!
    Today is a public holiday, but I normally have Mondays off anyway, so I get another day off later in the week. Hurrah!

    Sounds like you had some great food at the festival, too bad about all the woo woo. But eyes on the prize, and that prize is cake. 😉

    1. Cake is a wonderful prize! And I did get a LOT of prize…… I just read about the high tea, it looked lovely! I’m glad you got to spend time with a nice piggy and a pony 🙂

  2. haha I hate when vegan places are super hippie-dippie. I went to a lovely restaurant near me that has great food, but it is so hit-you-over-the-head-hippie-dippie. It is even part of this little mini village of artist studios. My sister for awhile wasn’t into vegan restaurants because she kept going to them with her vegan friend, and they were all in the style of brown rice and steamed tofu. Which baffles me because my sister and her friend live in NYC, which has some awesome places!

    1. It really bothers me because I feel like it alienates a lot of folks (like me) who aren’t into that side of it at all. Then you just think OH GODDDD IS IT ALL BROWN RICE AND PLAIN TOFU. If I was in NYC I probably wouldn’t even eat any savoury food for about 6 months!

      1. haha, there are tons of awesome places in NYC, so I have no clue why my sister never went to them. I think her vegan friend was very health based and my sister was always duped to go to the “hippie” places.

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