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Vegan hair and skincare at TK Maxx

Vegan hair and skincare at TK Maxx Posted on 15/09/20178 Comments
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I’ve posted before about some of the great vegan products available at TK Maxx. Being someone who likes to try new stuff, I like that the selection in TK Maxx rotates regularly. Though I get bored very easily with the same products, for haircare my default is usually Superdrug’s own brand pro-vitamin range. However, I’ve snagged a couple of decent hauls from TK Maxx lately. I wash and condition my hair daily and get through shampoo and conditioner at a fast pace, so I’ve been keen on buying larger bottles where possible. I can just about justify these at TK Maxx prices too.

First up is this A’kin lemongrass shampoo. It’s labelled as vegan, and A’kin’s own website sells 500ml for £18.00. I bought this for £6.99, which is a very pleasing discount.

Next up is this bumper bottle of JASÖN smoothing sea kelp shampoo, which I know is vegan having spotted it in a local co-op before now. The JASÖN website sells 473ml for £6.99, but this 946ml bottle cost me £9.99, another very happy discount.

I’ve used Sukin skincare products before and found them to be wonderfully luxurious, so I was keen to try this protein conditioner. Holland & Barrett sells this for £8.12, and TK Maxx for £6.99. A slightly less exciting discount, but a lovely product that tames my very tangly-tangles incredibly well. TK Maxx sells a large selection of Sukin skin and haircare products.

Sukin protein conditioner

Sukin protein conditioner

Another product, spotted through label-scouring, is this coconut conditioner. This was £7.99 for 450ml, and is a rich, sweet-smelling conditioner that goes a long way. Mysteriously I can’t find the brand online so I’m not sure how much of a bargain I scored, but I’m happy enough nonetheless.

hair goo coconut conditioner

hair goo coconut conditioner

I’ve talked previously about vegan skincare products for oily/problem skin. The past few weeks I’ve been using these fantastic Good Things products from TK Maxx, which I recommend highly for you oily-faced folks.

The charcoal face scrub is from their new ‘pore-fectly’ range. The mattifying moisturiser from their superfruits range is now my staple morning moisturiser, pre-foundation (my current go-to is Superdrug’s B. range Flawless Matte foundation). Not all Good Things products are suitable for vegans, but those that are are clearly labelled.

Good Things skincare

Good Things skincare

TK Maxx is well worth a visit if you have the time to inspect labels and are prepared to do a bit of googling. They are also known to stock Matt and Nat, Eco Tools and So Eco products.

Have you spotted any bargain vegan-friendly products in TK Maxx?

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  1. I’ve been using Sukin a little whilst I’ve been in Australia and their regular conditioner isn’t great for me but I’d definitely try the protein version. The hair goo is a mystery to me too, I’ve never seen it down here and it isn’t on my Aussie cruelty free app. Weird!

  2. I always find it weird it is called TK Maxx in England but TJ Maxx in the US. What does the K and J stand for?! In US the company owns a chain called HomeGoods, and sometimes they are joined together. I’ve found some great vegan foods at HomeGoods. Just today they had Cocomels! And sometimes (often actually) FEP approved chocolates!

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