Lisa Simpson sits at the dining table with a lamb chop on her plate. There's a thought bubble above her head with a picture of a cute lamb. Lisa looks concerned.

So you’re thinking about going vegan, or reducing your intake of animal products? Yay! It’s really never been easier! There are quite a few resources here on my blog that should provide you with a really solid intro to the large and often confusing world of veganism. Grab a hot beverage and dive in!

🌱 The ‘how to be vegan’ master post: Top Tips for Easy, Sustainable, and Inclusive Veganism

🌱 Vegan Weekly Meal Plan | easy, tasty, no fuss (+ free printable!)

🌱 Diversify Your Veganism – with books, podcasts, social media

🌱 My take on the parent company debate (& ethical consumption) in veganism

🌱 10 pro-intersectional vegan people and organisations to support

🌱 My vegan travel archives

🌱 My vegan beauty/skincare archives

🌱 My recipe archives

If you have any questions about going vegan, then I’d be happy to lend my advice or support however I can! You can contact me via