Life stack

Yoinked entirely from the super amazing Lillian Karabaic, this is a (probably not exhaustive) list of tools, apps, and services that I use to manage my work and life. Some of these are referral links – if you sign up I get free credit and so do you. Thank you if you choose to support me this way!

Data Tracking / Health & Fitness

  • MyFitnessPal (For carbs and general nutrition, feeds into One Drop; I wish it was not weightloss -oriented.)
  • Swarm (When I remember. For location tracking.)
  • One Drop (Blood glucose monitoring, carbs pulled in from MyFitnessPal and activity from Health.)
  • HeartWatch (In addition to the in-built heart monitoring via my Apple Watch.)
  • AutoSleep (I have CFS/ME so I sleep like the dead but I like to track it anyhow.)
  • Strava (To track my bike rides, this feeds into the Health app and then One Drop.)
  • Relive (Create fun, free videos of your more impressive/notable bike rides.)
  • SmartHalo (A fun bike-navigation device that points the way to your destination using a circle of light.)
  • Echo (I use this to order my monthly UK NHS prescriptions, which are delivered to my door for free as my pre-payment certificate is loaded in.)
  • PitPat (Vulpe’s fitness tracker! This was free with her insurance policy and is completely adorable.)

Personal Finance

  • You Need A Budget (This tool is really helping me heal my relationship with money. Don’t dive in with guesswork; take the free classes and really understand how it can work for you)
  • Lillian Karabaic’s podcast (Oh My Dollar) and book (Get Your Money Together).
  • I bank with Nationwide and a local credit union. See Ethical Consumer’s money guide here.

Web Publishing & Hosting & Blogging

  • I use Green Hosting and would highly recommend them! Their support is 10/10.
  • I use WordPress. Yay WordPress.
  • I use Tailwind for Pinterest and very highly recommend it.

Productivity Tools & Software

  • Dropbox (I’ve been using it for years and it saved my bacon once or twice during my Master’s degree.)
  • iCloud storage (Backs up my Apple stuff, huge amount of storage for only £2.49 per month.)
  • Dashlane (I use this to track and update my passwords/security info.)
  • Notion (I recently switched to Notion from Trello + a To Do app and I LOVE IT.)
  • Slack (A fantastic digital/collaborative working space for a few things I am involved with.)


  • Dingbats notebook (Vegan-friendly and does good for the environment!)

Computing & Gadgets

Mental health and life skills

Other random stuff