Life stack

Yoinked entirely from the super amazing Lillian Karabaic, this is a (probably not exhaustive) list of tools, apps, and services that I use to manage my work and life. Some of these are referral links – if you sign up I get free credit and so do you. Thank you if you choose to support me this way!

Data Tracking / Health & Fitness

  • MyFitnessPal (For carbs and general nutrition, feeds into One Drop; I wish it was not weightloss -oriented.)
  • Swarm (When I remember. For location tracking.)
  • One Drop (Blood glucose monitoring, carbs pulled in from MyFitnessPal and activity from Health.)
  • SD Codefree Glucometer (I self-fund testing because the NHS won’t issue me prescriptions for a glucometer or test strips. This is the cheapest currently available in the UK!)
  • HeartWatch (In addition to the in-built heart monitoring via my Apple Watch.)
  • AutoSleep (I have CFS/ME so I sleep like the dead but I like to track it anyhow.)
  • Strava (To track my bike rides, this feeds into the Health app and then One Drop.)
  • Relive (Create fun, free videos of your more impressive/notable bike rides.)
  • SmartHalo (A fun bike-navigation device that points the way to your destination using a circle of light.)
  • Echo (I use this to order my monthly UK NHS prescriptions, which are delivered to my door for free as my pre-payment certificate is loaded in.)
  • PitPat (Vulpe’s fitness tracker! This was free with her insurance policy and is completely adorable.)

Personal Finance

  • You Need A Budget (This tool is really seriously helping me heal my relationship with money. Don’t dive in with guesswork; take the free classes and really understand how it can work for you. Get your free month and then use my referral code if you decide to get the full subscription.)
  • Lillian Karabaic’s podcast (Oh My Dollar) and book (Get Your Money Together).
  • I bank with Nationwide and a local credit union. See Ethical Consumer’s money guide here.

Web Publishing & Hosting & Blogging

  • I use Green Hosting and would highly recommend them! Their support is 10/10.
  • I use WordPress. Yay WordPress.
  • I use Tailwind for Pinterest and very highly recommend it.

Productivity Tools & Software

  • Dropbox (I’ve been using it for years and it saved my bacon once or twice during my Master’s degree.)
  • iCloud storage (Backs up my Apple stuff, huge amount of storage for only £2.49 per month.)
  • Dashlane (I use this to track and update my passwords/security info.)
  • Notion (I recently switched to Notion from Trello + a To Do app and I LOVE IT.)
  • Slack (A fantastic digital/collaborative working space for a few things I am involved with.)


  • Dingbats notebook (Vegan-friendly and does good for the environment!)

Computing & Gadgets

Mental health and life skills

Other random stuff