Last updated 8 February 2016.

I see so many excellent articles and resources online. I’ve decided to start keeping track of them all, and I’ll list them here. I’ll try my best to figure out a sensible filing system, as I guess this collection will get much bigger over time……. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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Disclaimer: Inclusion of an article here does NOT imply that I agree with its politics entirely! Think of these as prompts to get you thinking. On the other hand, if I’ve linked to something dodgy, please call me out on it. Thank you!

N.B. Everything is listed in alphabetical order.

Key of ‘tags’:

  • D (disability)
  • F (feminism)
  • FP (fat positive)
  • INT (intersectionality)
  • MH (mental health) (note: is effectively also filed under ‘disability’ but focuses specifically on MH)
  • R (race)
  • V (veganism)


10 Things I wish I’d known About Gaslighting. MH

3 Common Myths About “Overweight” People Debunked. FP

7 Men To Follow In The Body Positive Movement. FP

9 Affirmations You Deserve to Receive If You Have a Mental Illness. MH

9 Things I Hope To See Happen For Body Positivity In 2016. FP

A Beginner’s Guide to Intersectionality. INT

A problem shared: Our social media and my mental illness. MH

Animal Rights and the Language of Slavery. V / R

Aren’t You Worried About Your Health? FP

Being overweight won’t necessarily make you unhealthy, but feeling bad about it will. FP

Body Shaming Fails Vegans and Vegan Advocacy FP / V

Breaking The Low Mood Cycle. MH

Change Your World, Not Your Body. FP

Debating Health at Every Size and Weight Loss. FP

Even If They’re Fat. FP

Excerpts & Downloads: Health at Every Size FP

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person. INT

FAT: Using The Other F Word. FP

Fat Positive Vegans Take To Twitter To Remind PETA That Vegans Come In All Sizes FP / V

Fat Safe Medical: An evolving resource for finding fat-friendly medical care, from and for fat people. FP

Fat Stigma: How Online News May Worsen the Problem of Obesity. FP

Feminism and Animal Agriculture. F / V

HAES Manifesto FP

Health At Every Size: choice or coercion? FP

How Obesity Became a Disease – And, as a consequence, how weight loss became an industry. FP

How the “Inspiring” Good Fatty Hurts the Body Positive Movement. FP

How to Deal With Fat-Shaming In the Comments Section: A Body Love Warrior Survival Kit. FP

Is Veganism a Moral Baseline? INT / V

I’m A Chubby Vegan FP / V

I May Be Fat, And I May Teach People About Nutrition, But I Am Not Your “Good Fatty” FP

‘I’m not a slave, I just can’t speak English’ – life in the meat industry. V / INT

I’m Transgender And I Need Body Positivity, Too. FP / INT

Intersecting oppressions: perspectives from a Muslim vegan feminist. F / INT

Let them eat cake: women hit back at fat-shaming troll. FP

More On Classism, And Some Thoughts On Ableism, Within Vegan Movements. V / MH / D

New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders. V

Not Everyone Feels This Way: How depression fools you into thinking it’s normal. MH

On Oprah and Weight Watchers. FP

Open Letter to the Perpetrators of Thug Kitchen. V / R

Pathologizing The ‘Fat Body’ As Immoral And Then Experimenting On Non-Human Animals To Find A ‘Cure’. V / FP / D

Rape Culture in Veganism. V / F / INT

Stigma and the perpetuation of obesity. FP

Stop excluding Black women from fat acceptance movements. FP / R / INT

The absent referent — violence and malice of another kind. V

The problem with ‘thug’ cuisine. V / R

The Weight of the Evidence – It’s time to stop telling fat people to become thin. FP

These Alternatives to Fitspo’s Messages Will Make You Rethink What it Means to Take Care of Your Body. FP

Understanding Patriarchy. F / INT

Veganism and the Problem of Props. V / F / R / INT

Veganism has a serious race problem. V / R / INT

When is being vegan no longer about ethical living? INT / V

White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic. INT

Who is the Body Positivity Movement Leaving Behind?. FP / INT

Why Animal Lovers Need to Quit Fat Shaming People FP / V

Why Animal Rights Fails at Intersectionality. INT / V

Why are Britain’s green movements an all-white affair? R

Why Reverse Oppression Simply Cannot Exist. F