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A Vegan Indian Feast and ZINE NEWS

Hello bloggums pals. Guess what? It’s nearly Friday, and a double blimming woohoo for that. I’ve been feeling the fatigue somethin’ awful this week; it’s either my B12 running short a few days before my injection, or just a manifestation of my strong attachment to my brushed cotton bedsheets. I’m really not sure. Either way, being in bed is such a lovely place to be and I’m happy to get beneath that duvet at 8.21pm on a weekday, hooooo boy am I HAPPY. I am super flipping excited to be heading off to Sheffield for a fairly last-minute tattoo appointment with the lovely Harriet Heath on Saturday, and then I might spend Sunday lying in bed eating sweets and reading. Isn’t that what most responsible adults do at the weekend?

BUT FIRST. Last night C and I had another dog-free evening, so we took advantage and visited the super mighty fantastic Lily’s in nearby Ashton (East Manchester). Lily’s is an exclusively vegetarian Indian restaurant; it has more of a café feel – it’s a very informal place. But the food is stupendous and, if you’re vegan, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by all the choice you have. You can EVEN have food prepared to Jain specifications here, which is actually pretty uh-mazing.

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Lily’s freshly make all their dishes so you can ask for the precise level of spiciness you require. I am a total gosh-darn wimp and spicy food defeats me every time, but lately I’ve been trying to push my own spice boundaries so I powered on through. I think C did a much better job of coping than I did, but boy was it yummy stuff. If you’re in Manchester I highly recommend jumping on the tram in the city centre, and Ashton is only around 25 minutes away. PLUS Ikea is almost right next door, so there’s even more joy right on your doorstep.

But how’s about some zine type news, folks? My lovely vegan internet-type-pal Cassie has JUST launched her zine for sale……

The zine is only £2 plus £1 P&P in the UK (though you can pay more if you wish!) and you can order it from Cassie’s band’s Bandcamp page here.

In FURTHER zine news, Cassie’s zine launch has given me the metaphorical boot up the arse I needed because I have wanted to do some sort of ‘fat vegan’ project for ages now. I decided to go ahead and get started, and am in the process of putting together a coherent and detailed call for submissions. In the meantime, if you want to sign up to a Keep-Updated mailing list and/or find out how to get involved, check out


Big fat vegan <3 to all!

For veganism, dog pictures and life ramblings, giz a follow…

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  • Reply veganinbrighton

    Yay! Have fun getting tattooed by Harriet, I can’t wait to see what you get and yes, that sounds like an awesome and sufficiently adultish weekend to me! Thanks for the heads up about Cassie’s zine, I just ordered a copy so it’ll be waiting for me when I next get back to the UK. I loooove the sound of your zine project too, checking out the Tumblr now…

    February 26, 2016 at 09:45
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